2Q TV Ad Spending Down As Price of Spots Slides

Overall ad spend was up 5% versus 2017-Q2.

YoY change in ad spend for 2018-Q2:
Digital — ↑ 12%
Out of home — 9%
TV — ↓ 1%
Radio — ↓ 1%
Print —  22%

YoY change for TV spot pricing for 2018-Q2:
$/spot — ↓ 3.4%
# of spots — ↑ 2.5%

Revenue from sports (excluding World Cup) fell 7%.

NBA Finals: Revenue per game was $46M (↑ 10%), but the shorter series dropped total revenue by 10%.

Quote from James Fennessy– CEO @ Standard Media Index:
“The growth in average revenue per-game for the NBA Finals highlights the opportunity for highly-anticipated sports events to drive revenue… By the same token, the declines for the World Cup, without the US in the tournament, illustrates the risk that TV networks take when it comes to punting on expensive sports rights.”

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