Hollywood, Apple Said to Mull Rental Plan, Defying Theaters

The major studios (excluding Walt Disney) are exploring a way to allow consumers to stream movies at home a few weeks after they appear intheaters.

Apple and Comcast are involved in the talks.

Each rental would cost between $30 and $50.

This is a threat to theater chains. They are seeking a 10-yearrevenue split.

The exclusive period that theaters get new release movies has already shrunk to 3 months from 6 months.

Why isn’t Disney involved? Disney is focused on releasing fewer movies that are considered must watch on the big screen.

Netflix, the Oscars, and the Battle for the Future of Film

A long read (20 minutes) on the complicated relationshipbetween Netflix and the Academy Awards.

The big rub. Netflix refuses to follow tradition in terms of theatrical release. Netflix usually does the minimum to qualify for the Oscars which involves debuting in at least one theater in Los Angeles for one week.

Quote from anonymous academy member:
“The issue I have with Netflix is they won’t play by the rules. They could go theatrically ahead of the release on their platform, but they won’t … I don’t suspect that they will be given a fair shake, at least not in the best-picture category, until they do. Or until the exhibitors die away and traditionalists whose lives were spent creating films to be seen on the big screen leave the business. I don’t see it changing overnight.”

Oscar wins for streaming services:
1) Best original screenplay (2017) — Manchester by the Sea (Hulu)
2) Best actor (2017) — Manchester by the Sea (Hulu)
3) Best foreign-language film (2017) — The Salesman (Hulu)
4) Best documentary short (2017) — The White Helmets (Netflix)