Crowded TV Marketplace Gets Ready for Three Tech Giants

Apple announced that it will spend $1b+ on developing original content.

How does this compare to other networks?
1) Netflix — $6b
HBO — $3b
Apple — $1b
4) FX — $1b

A few recent original programs from Apple:
1) Carpool Karaoke
2) Planet of the Apps

Will Apple continue to distribute through iTunes or is a new service in the future?

Pocket change in the couch cushions. Apple has $261.5bcash on hand. This total grew $4.7b over the past 3 months!

Inside Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Plan to Revolutionize Entertainment on Mobile Screens

Jeffrey Katzenberg is trying to raise $2b to launch a mobile focused entertainment company targeting 18–34-year-olds with 10-minuteepisodes produced with television quality.

A few power brokers that he was spotted with at the Allen & Co. conference:
Tim Cook (Apple)
2) Eddy Cue (Apple)
3) Susan Wojcicki (Google)
4) Lowell McAdam (Verizon)
5) Marni Walden (Verizon)
6) Tim Armstrong (Verizon)

Quote from Bob Iger — CEO @ Disney.
“The explosion of short-form video is obvious to all of us, but a lot of what we’ve seen is the production of amateurs — user-generated content,” “Taking a professional approach to this kind of content, we haven’t seen that yet in a concerted way, and I think that’s a smart thing to try.”

Interesting perspective. Fiction readers expected long chapters, but authors like Dan Brown and James Patterson changed that with the introduction of much shorter chapters in their novels.

$/minute for made-for-mobile content:
1) Industry standard — $5–10k 
Katzenberg plan — $125k

The reach for mobile video grew 12% YoY according to a recent report from Nielsen and now stands at 58% of live TV.