Pluto TV Expects to Reach 30 Million Users This Year

PlutoTV monthly viewers (YoY growth):
2016 – 5M
2018 – 12M
2019 – 22M (↑ 87%)
4) 2020P – 30M (↑ 34%)

Quote from Andrew Rosen – Founder @ PARQOR:
“My two cents is AVOD service PlutoTV is one of the smartest investments Viacom ever made, perhaps THE smartest digital media investment it has ever made (NOTE: I say this as someone who worked on operationally integrating major digital acquisitions like AtomFilms and Shockwave, and gaming freeware instant messaging service Xfire, at Viacom 15 years ago). I also think CBS Interactive CEO Marc Debevoise is one of the smartest executives in the streaming space, and both CBS All-Access and Pluto TV are therefore in unusually capable hands.”

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