The drive-in, relic of yesterday, finds itself suited to now

Movie theater locations by type (% of total):
Indoor – 5,500 (95%)
2) Drive-in – 300 (5%)

≈ 96% of indoor movie theatres have closed across the U.S. for the foreseeable future.

Last weekend, 25 of the top 30 grossing movie theatres were drive-ins!

Memories!  Mr. Screens spent many a summer night at the Belmont Auto Theatre in Dayton, Ohio, before it closed in 1997.  The benefits of picture quality and overall movie experience that a modern theatre offers are unmistakable.  Still, there is something about being a kid and running around with your friends while a movie is playing under the stars.

Hopefully, we are not couped up through the summer, but if we are, then do yourself a favor and pack the kids into the car (with snacks) and make the drive out to your closest drive-in theatre before they are all gone.

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