Thank You!!!

This year will be hard to top, and we owe it all to our friends and family in the Screens community!

Quick math on SOTS growth in 2019:
1) 53 
2) 41,296 words
3) Estimated reading time: 207 minutes
4) 210 blog posts at
5) ↑ 202% YoY growth in the size of the community
6) We now have subscribers from 20+ different countries!

Top ten posts from 2019:
1) Disney announces $12.99 bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+
2) Trump’s general election brawl to drive record advertising
3) Martin Scorsese’s biggest opening weekend ever was on Netflix — but there’s a catch
4) Streaming Video Will Soon Look Like the Bad Old Days of TV
5) The Streaming Video-on-Demand War Is Going to Get Bloody
6) We still don’t know what’s in Apple’s streaming service, how much it will cost, or why we should…
7) Amazon is allowing ad-tech companies to sell ads in streaming TV apps, and marketers see it as a sign that the e-commerce giant is becoming less of a walled garden
8) It’s time for impressions to be the currency of local broadcast TV
9) TV’s most expensive commercials for the 2019-’20 season
10) Tubi Tops 20M Monthly Viewers In AVOD Race For Audience, Ads

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