Martin Scorsese’s biggest opening weekend ever was on Netflix — but there’s a catch

Key details for The Irishman over the initial week according to Nielsen:
1) 3.5 
hours in length
2) 17.1M total viewers
3) 13.2M average minute audience
4) 3.9M total viewers on day one
5) 751K completed on day one
6) 19% completion rate on day one

FWIW: Netflix released its own viewer number of 26M.

Average minute audience over the initial week according to Nielsen:
1) Bird Box – 16.9M
2) The Irishman – 13.2M
3) El Camino – 8.2M

Netflix has three categories for movie viewers:
1) Starters – Watch at least 2 minutes
2) Watchers – Complete at least 70%
3) Completers – Finish movie

Completion % on day one, according to Nielsen:
1) The Irishman – 18%
2) Bird Box – 18%
2) El Camino – 11%

Media age of viewer:
1) The Irishman – 49
2) Netflix – 31

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