Netflix, HBO and Cable Giants Are Coming for Password Cheats

Password123: A coalition of media companies, including HBO and Netflix, are working on a plan to limit password sharing.

Password sharing by platform according to MoffettNathanson:
Netflix – 14%
Hulu – 11%
Amazon – 6%

Flashback: Cable TV’s Password-Sharing Crackdown Is Coming

Spectrum username had 30K simultaneous streams!

ESPN asked a group of 50 millennial sports fans if they shared passwords.  All 50 raised their hands!

# of simultaneous users that each service allows:
1) Netflix – 4
2) HBO – 3
3) DirecTV (Satelite) – 5

Ideas for reducing password sharing:
1) Limit concurrent streams
2) Force more frequent logins

Projected revenue loss due to password sharing (% change) according to Parks Associates:
1) 2017 – $3.5B
2) 2021 – $9.9B (↑ 183%)

Alternative take: Matthew Ball provides a smart use case for why password sharing may be driving higher revenue.

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