With dataxu buy, Roku unveils big ad ambitions

The big news: Roku announced plans to acquire dataxu for $150M in cash/stock.

Key details for dataxu:
1) Founded in 2009
2) Based in Boston, MA
3) $87.5M in capital raised
4) 302 employees according to LinkedIn

Quote from Alison Levin – VP of ad sales and strategy @ Roku:
“The acquisition of dataxu furthers our ambition to right-size media spend [in streaming] against consumption…This provides our own self-serve platform for buyers to optimize across linear, OTT, desktop and mobile.”

Roku is adding the following:
1) Self-serve media buying platform
2) Device graph technology
3) Desktop/mobile footprint
4) Performance-based marketing experience

Video: Roku’s Unique Position

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