‘Sesame Street’ Moves to HBO Max in Five-Season Deal

Can you tell me how to get?  How to get to HBO Max…

The forthcoming streaming service will be home to the next five seasons (2020-24) of Sesame Street, along with its entire back catalog.

Key details for Sesame Street:
1) Launched in 1969
2) 50 seasons
3) 4,481 episodes
4) 150+ versions in 70+ languages

The big question: How important is children’s programming in the Streaming Wars?

60% of the global audience for Netflix watches children’s programming, and 11% of their content budget is spent on animation.

Change in viewership between 2016-18 according to MoffettNathanson:
1) Cartoon Network – ↓ 29%
2) Nickelodeon – ↓ 23%

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