Netflix acquires the global streaming rights to ‘Seinfeld’ 

Key details for Seinfeld moving to Netflix:
1) 180 
2) Available on Netflix from 2021-25
Hulu currently has U.S. streaming rights
4) $500M+ deal size over 5 years

Comparison of annual deal size between Hulu and Netflix:
1) Hulu (2015–21) — $22M
2) Netflix (2021-25) — $100M+

Comparison of annual cost per episode between Hulu and Netflix:
1) Hulu (2015–21) — $120K
2) Netflix (2021-25) — $556K+

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Quote from Reed Hastings – CEO @ Netflix:
“While we’ve been competing with many people in the last decade, it’s a whole new world starting in November…between Apple launching and Disney launching, and of course Amazon’s ramping up… It’ll be tough competition. Direct-to-consumer [customers] will have a lot of choice.”

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