Sports Betting Has Arrived to Transform the NFL. Or Not.

The NFL is slowly moving into the sports betting space with a recent data deal with Sportradar.

Who is Sportradar?  Sportradar is a Switzerland based company that collects and analyzes sports data for use in betting.  Their customer base includes 500+ sportsbooks, and they work with the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Coming soon: This new data will allow for new types of bets such as how fast a running back will run on the next play since they will have trackers in their shoulder pads…

Quote from Hans Schroeder – EVP and COO @ NFL Media:
“Our partner will be situated in the stadium and with collection availability on really low-latency video that has the opportunity to be market-differentiated and not have to wait to collect a [data feed] from outside of the stadium,” 

Flashback: Nielsen projects NFL could make billions annually from gambling market

A recent study projects that legalized sports betting could add $2.3B per year in additional revenue to the NFL’s bottom line.

Estimated % increase in revenue:
1) Media rights – ↑ 18%
2) Sponsorship – ↑ 8%
3) Ticket sales – ↑ 7%

The big shift: Sports betting has been legal in New Jersey for less than a year, but it has already had a month where it outpaced Nevada.

Sports bets by state placed in May:
New Jersey – $318.9M
Nevada – $317.4M

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