A Look at the Data the NFL Is Using to Decide What Game to Broadcast in Your Area

Criteria used for selecting NFL games to broadcast include:
Past TV ratings
2) Local affiliate insights
3) Geographic rules
4) A few tbsp of “instinct”

Flashback: Why People in Mississippi Have to Watch the Giants

Why this matters: CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN will pay the NFL $5.6B this year for the right to air these games which makes maximizing viewership important.

Change in the couch: AT&T will pay the NFL $1.5B for the exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket this year.

Average audience by season (YoY growth):
2015 – 18.7M
2016 – 16.5M (↓ 12%)
3) 2017 – 15.0M (↓ 9%)
4) 2018 – 15.8M (↑ 6%)

Average audience in 2018 by network:
Sunday Afternoon (Fox) – 23.1M
Sunday Afternoon (CBS) – 22.2M
Sunday Night (NBC) – 19.2M
Monday Night (ESPN) – 11.4M

The total audience for NFL Kickoff Game (Packers vs. Bears) according to NBC Sports (% of total):
Television – 22M (97%)
2) Streaming – 627K (3%)
3) Total – 23M

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