Netflix Forgoes Wide Release for Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ 

Speaking of the future of movies: Major theatre owners and Netflix have not yet reached terms on an exclusive release window for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film ‘The Irishman.’

Release dates for The Irishman:
1) Theatres – November 1st
2) Streaming – November 27th

What theatre owners want: A significant amount of time (90 days, etc.) where films are only available in theatres.

What Netflix wants: Major film releases on its platform that will drive subscription retention/growth.

What consumers want: Better choices at a lower cost 🙂

Interesting: 95% of movies stop earning their keep at the 42-day mark.

Cost comparison:
One pair of movie tickets – $18
One month of Netflix – $13

The exclusive window for theatre owners w/ recent Netflix films (days):
1) The Irishman – 26
Rona – 21
Birdbox – 7

Upcoming movie releases from Netflix w/ estimated cost:
1) Red Notice – $200M
6 Undergrounds – $170M
The Irishman – $150M

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