A TV Maverick Is Going All-In on a New Wireless Bet

The big news: The #3 and #4 mobile carriers (T-Mobile and Sprint) are merging to take on Verizon and AT&T.  The Justice Department had a few requirements before approving the deal which included selling Sprints pre-paid business (Boost) to Dish Networks.

What dish is getting:
1) 9M pre-paid wireless subscribers from Sprint
2) 7 years of access to T-Mobile’s network while they build out their own

Wireless subscribers by carrier prior to merger:
1) AT&T – 160M
2) Verizon – 156M
3) T-Mobile/Sprint – 138M

Industry average monthly revenue per subscriber:
1) 2014 – $60.00
2) 2018 – $46.00
3) 2019 – $47.50

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