Netflix, Welcome to Ratings Hell

Netflix subscriber growth in 2019-Q2:
Projected – 5.0M
Actual – 2.7M

Netflix subscriber total in the U.S.:
2019-Q1 – 60.2M
2019-Q2 – 60.1M (↓ 100K)

This is their first net subscriber loss since 2011.

Netflix monthly cost for a standard plan in the U.S.:
Oct-2017 – $11
Jan-2019 – $13 (↑ 18%)

Hold the panic: Great take from Matthew Ball on why this subscriber drop is overblown.

Our take: Any business would gladly take a 0.1% drop in customers if they could increase prices by 18%!

Stranger Things viewers over the first four days of release:
Season 2 (Oct-2017) – 10.6M
Season 3 (Jul-2019) – 12.8M (↑ 21%)

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