The NBA Wants You To Bet on Games That Never Happened

WTF: The NBA is working on a virtual sports-betting game called NBA Last 90 that lets you bet real money on fake games.

How it works: Bettors are dropped into the final 90 seconds of a “game” between two actual teams (Lakers vs. Celtics, etc.).  The rest of the game is a combination of other highlights from past Lakes/Celtics games.  This allows for an unlimited supply of games and betting 24/7/365.

Cash money: Fox is going to be the first network to take bets during games directly.

Quote from Jim Lanzone – CEO @ CBS Interactive:
“The floodgates are starting to open, not only for more gambling-focused content, but entirely new data products that appeal to people trying to gain an edge,”

Early estimates predict that sports betting will generate $3-$5B in additional revenue per year for media companies.

Video: New Sports Betting Legislation Opens Opportunities for Mobile

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