The fight for the bundle is the war for the future of TV

The big question: What role will the current pay-TV bundle play in the future of TV?

Key details for traditional pay-TV bundle according to Leichtman Research Group:
1) $107
monthly cost
2) 214 channels
3) $0.50 per channel

% of TV channels viewed according to Nielsen:
1) 2005–16%
2) 2010–12%

QoQ change in pay-TV subscribers:
1) Traditional pay-TV — ↓ 1.1M
Streaming pay-TV — ↑ 174K
3) Total pay-TV — ↓ 1.0M

QoQ change in traditional pay-TV subscribers:
1) AT&T — ↓ 544K
Dish — ↓ 266K
Charter — ↓ 152K
Comcast — ↓ 121K
Verizon — ↓ 53K

Be smart: ≈ 94M households still subscribe to a pay-TV bundle and tremendous revenue upside remains from targeted advertising. Every current company in this space will not win, but those that do will be generating a majority of profit from broadband and advertising five years from now. Both business lines that are growing.

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