We still don’t know what’s in Apple’s streaming service, how much it will cost, or why we should…

Big news: More details have come to light about Apple’s upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service, but many questions remain.

What we currently know:
No ads
2) Available in 100+ countries
3) A-list content creators (see below)

What we still don’t know:
What it will cost
2) Everything else 🙂

The big question: Where does Apple TV+ fit?

Video: Apple TV+ Preview — Coming Fall 2019

Content producers showcased at the event:
2) Steven Spielberg
3) Jennifer Aniston
4) Reese Witherspoon
5) Steve Carell
6) J.J. Abrams
7) Big Bird

Massive audience: Apple recently announced that they had 1.4B active devices with 900M of those being iPhones.

Quick math on the potential opportunity for Apple TV+:
1) Global Apple customers — ≈ 900M
2) Conversion rate — 10%
3) The potential customer base for Apple TV+ — 90M
4) Monthly subscription cost — $10
Revenue/month — $900M
6) Revenue/year — $10.8B

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