How the epic ‘Lord of the Rings’ deal explains Amazon’s slow-burning media strategy

Head to head: Amazon beat out competitors such as HBO, Netflix, and Apple to win the rights to the upcoming Lord of the Rings series.

Amazon was not even the highest bidder at $250M instead it was their ability to sell more books that put them over the top!

Strategy: Selling stand-alone video subscriptions and/or video advertising is not currently at the top of Amazon’s strategy compared to adding customers to the Prime service.

Annual spend on Amazon:
Prime — $1,400
Non-Prime — $600

Amazon prime users (% of households):
2017–52M (42%)
2) 2018–59M (47%)
3) 2019P — 64M (51%)
4) 2020P — 69M (55%)
5) 2021P — 72M (57%)

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