Big Media Isn’t Ready to Fight Back (Netflix Misunderstandings, Pt. 5)

The big idea: Traditional media companies such as Disney and Warner Media will not be ready to truly compete with Netflix for ≈ 18 months. In that time, Netflix will continue to scale globally.

Projections for subscriber growth in 2019:
Netflix — 30M
Disney+ — 5M

Flashback: Inside the Binge Factory

Netflix subscribers:
1) 2011–25M
2) 2018–139M
3) 2020P — 200M
4) 2030P — 360M

Wow: Netflix estimates that their programming accounts for 10% of total TV screen time in the U.S.

Netflix estimate on total daily TV time (% of total):
1) Total TV hours — 1B
2) Netflix TV hours — 100M (10%)

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