Ratings bombshell: In two years, network TV demos plummeted 27 percent

Average combined primetime viewership for 18–49 across ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC (YoY growth):
2017-Q4–7.9M ( 18%)
3) 2018-Q4–7.0M ( 11%)

Interesting question: Who are the people that are shifting consumption? Are they high income? Low income? Are high-income consumers more likely to pay for ad-free viewing? Mike Shields argues this is something worth more attention in his latest piece for TV[R]EV.

Interesting data: Nielsen released a viewership estimate for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (a favorite of Mrs. Screens) that projected 1.9M viewers/episode.

The most interesting data point was an estimated average income of $95K which is well above the national average of $61K.

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