Lining up the Data for Linear TV

Local spending on programmatic TV according to Videa:
2016 — $1B
2021P — $14B

Quote from Shereta Williams– President @ Videa:
“I have a firm belief that TV is heading toward a more multi-platform solution… If I’m a buyer, I want to buy all the impressions around. I think we’re laying the foundation on the linear side to allow impressions from linear and digital to be bought simultaneously.”

Flashback: The TV Ad Industry Agrees It’s Ready for an Overhaul, According to New Survey

% concerned that their organization will not be able to keep up:
1) Media reps — 68%
2) Media agencies — 50%
3) TV stations — 39%

Local video ad spend in 2022 (% of total):
1) Television: $29.8B (80%)
2) Digital: $5.3B (14%)
3) Other: $2.0B (6%)

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