LeBron James’ Lakers move is crippling the NBA’s TV ratings

The Lebron effect: NBA ratings on TNT are down 25% compared to last year.

Average viewership for NBA games on TNT (% change):
1) 2017–18–2.0M
2) 2018–19–1.5M (↓ 25%)

The big question: What impact does having both the games biggest star (Lebron) and their most dominant team (Golden State Warriors) out west have on ratings?

TNT games w/ Lebron during early time slot:
1) 2017–18–4
2) 2018–19–1 (↓ 75%)

Advertisers spent $3B during playoff games for the four major sports last season with the NBA getting the 2nd largest share.

Share of playoff ad revenue in 2018:
1) NFL — 62%
2) NBA — 24%
3) MLB — 10%
4) NHL — 4%

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