Hulu hits 25 million subscribers, CEO says it’s ‘absolutely possible’ to catch up to Netflix

Hulu added 8M subscribers in 2018 bringing their total to 25M.

Hulu subscribers by year (YoY growth):
2018–25M (↑ 48%)

The big question: Can anyone catch Netflix?

Domestic subscribers (YoY growth):
Netflix (2018-Q3) — 58.5M (↑ 5.7M — ↑ 11%)
2) Hulu (2018-Q4) — 25.0M (↑ 7.0M — ↑ 48%)

The Observer’s Brandon Katz outlined a few strategic advantages for Hulu.

Video: Watch CNBC’s full interview with Hulu CEO Randy Freer

Hulu now has 85K episodes of on-demand TV content.

Median age:
Broadcast TV — 56
Hulu — 32

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