‘Bird Box’ Viewed by 45 Million Netflix Members in First Week, Company Says

The thriller Bird Box has set a Netflix record for largest viewership with 45M members watching the movie during the first week.

What counts as a view? This number is self-reported by Netflix, but the criteria that they are using is anyone who watches 70%+ of the 2h 4m movie (1h 27m).

Why does this matter: Netflix is currently taking on the movie industry with a completely different distribution model compared to a traditional studio.

Quote from Rich Greenfield — Managing Partner @ BTIG:
“Netflix has clearly taken over TV in the last 10 years…It does not seem crazy to believe that they can do the same to the movie biz as they accelerate film production.”

Share of streams from original content for Netflix in U.S. according to 7Park:

Watch: Sandra Bulluck discusses the film with Variety.

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