How Will Disney Manage Hulu and Launch a Competing Streaming Service at the Same Time?

Big question: How will Disney handle both Disney+ and Hulu?

Updated Hulu ownership:
1) Disney: 60%
2) Comcast: 30%
3) WarnerMedia: 10%

Quote from Bob Iger — CEO @ Disney:
“We aim to use the television production capabilities of the combined company to fuel Hulu with a lot more original programming, original programming that we feel will enable Hulu to compete even more aggressively in the marketplace.”

Old is new: Could we see some type of “new bundle” that consists of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu? What a concept!

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The digital video world as if it were Game of Thrones:
1) House Netflix — The White Walkers
2) House Disney — The Starks
3) House Amazon — The Lannisters
4) House Warner — The Iron Bank of Braavos
5) House Comcast — The Tyrells
6) House Apple — The Targaryens

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