The bids are in for RSN sale

The final bids were due last week for the 22 regional sports networks (RSNs) that are being sold as a part of the Disney/Fox deal.

All 22 RSNs could fetch up to $22B according to some estimates.

Potential buyers include:
1) Private equity companies
2) Sinclair Broadcast Group
3) Ice Cube

Those currently on the sideline include:
1) Fox Sports
2) Comcast/NBC Sports
3) Disney

The New York Yankees currently own 20% of the YES Network and may buy the remaining 80%.

Monthly subscriber fees for Fox’s priciest RSNs:
YES Network — $6.37
Fox Sports Detroit — $5.84
Fox Sports Arizona — $4.84
Fox Sports Ohio — $4.07
Fox Sports Wisconsin — $3.22

Flashback #1: Big Ten TV revenue distribution reaches an insane $51 million per school

Each school in the Big Ten is projected to receive $51M from the Big Ten Network this year.

Revenue distribution per school:
2013 — $25M
2017 — $36M
2018 — $51M (↑ 42% YoY)

Flashback #2: Sources: Cubs To Go Own Way In TV Venture

Current deal: The Cubs will get paid $750K per game next year for broadcast rights.

How much more could they make? How about 3X more! The Dodgers make ≈$2M per game in local broadcast rights through SportsNet LA.

Flashback #3: The Dodgers Are on a Roll but Fans Remain in the Dark Amid Cable-TV Dispute

The Dodgers are guaranteed $8.35B over 25 years from Time Warner (now Charter Communications).

That breaks down to an average of $334M/year!

In order to break even, the Network needs to make $1,988 from every pay-TV subscriber in the region or an average of $80/year.

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