The Streaming Wars: How the new kingdoms of Hollywood are battling it out for the future of…

Must read: Dylan Byers imagines the digital video world as if it were Game of Thrones!

Here is the breakdown:
1) House Netflix — The White Walkers
2) House Disney — The Starks
3) House Amazon — The Lannisters
4) House Warner — The Iron Bank of Braavos
5) House Comcast — The Tyrells
6) House Apple — The Targaryens

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House Disney’s new streaming service will be called Disney+ and launch late next year.

The initial content will come from brands including:
1) Disney
2) Pixar
3) Marvel
4) Star Wars
5) National Geographic

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Valuations of major media players:
1) Apple — $1T
2) Amazon — $920B
3) Alphabet (Google) — $844B
4) Facebook — $504B
5) Disney — $167B
6) Comcast — $163B
7) Netflix — $140B
8) 21st Century Fox — $84B
9) CBS –$20B
10) Viacom — $12B

Netflix currently pays Disney ≈ $300M per year to license their movies. That revenue will go away next year when Disney pulls its library from the streaming service.

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