Ad execs are deeply skeptical that TV measurement will ever catch up to digital — putting comScore…

The way that video advertising is measured is going through significant changes, and many are starting to question whether comScore/Nielsen are up to the task.

U.S. TV homes according to Nielsen:
1) 2017–18–119.6M
2) 2018–19–119.9M (↑ 0.2%)

Software + Data: Media buyers and planners are now faced with a near limitless number of options for where to advertise and who to target. The role of software will only grow as complexity increases.

Going their own way: NBCUniversal has gone so far as to launch their own measurement product. Expect this to continue with other networks.

Flashback #1: Facing pressure from clients, Nielsen says it is changing how it measures television ratings

Simple math. More households w/ streaming TV = more fragmentation in viewership between digital and linear TV = increasing difficulty in measuring total viewership.

Quote from Bob Greenblatt — Chairman @ NBC Entertainment.
“I don’t think the broadcasting narrative should be linear versus digital anymore, but rather linear plus digital,”… “I would love to get to a point where the live, same-day rating was the proverbial dinosaur instead of the broadcast network.”

Estimated impact on ratings when non-live (35 days) of viewing is added:
1) CBS Average — ↑ 53%
2) Big Bang Theory — ↑ 66%
3) Bull — ↑ 57%

Flashback #2: Nielsen Will Give Digital-Ratings Credit for Video Views on Facebook, Hulu, YouTube

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