Fox Warns The Big Ten Deal With Comcast is Expiring

Monthly revenue/subscriber for Big Ten Network:
Big Ten market — $1.30
Non-Big Ten market — ≈ $0.10
3) Average — $0.56

Quick math:
Monthly revenue/subscriber — $0.56
Total cable subscribers — 51.3M
Monthly subscriber revenue — $28.7M
Annual subscriber revenue — $344.7M

Flashback #1: Big Ten TV revenue distribution reaches an insane $51 million per school

Revenue distribution per school:
2013 — $25M
2017 — $36M
2018 — $51M (↑ 42% YoY)

Flashback #2: The Dodgers Are on a Roll but Fans Remain in the Dark Amid Cable-TV Dispute

The Dodgers are guaranteed $8.35b over 25 years from Time Warner (now Charter Communications).

That breaks down to an average of $334m/year!

In order to break even, the Network needs to make $1,988 from every pay-TV subscriber in the region or an average of $80/year.

Why do sports rights cost so much? Many believe a sports rights bubble is about to burst, but live sports continue to dominate the ratings.

More #1: Prime Time TV Ratings For Each Team At The MLB All-Star Break

Primetime rankings for MLB baseball teams:
1) 11 are overall #1 for broadcast/cable
2) 22 are top 3 for broadcast/cable
3) 24 are #1 for cable

More #2: Why Disney Should Have Multiple Suitors for Fox’s 22 Regional Sports Networks

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