Data Drives TV Measurement’s Next Generation

Big shift: TV networks are turning to analytics firms to gain deeper insight into their viewers.

Why is this happening? Advertisers (buy side) are increasingly using customer data to plan/buy advertising giving them an information advantage into the value of networks (sell side) inventory. Networks are starting to use the same tools to maximize the value/yield of their inventory.

Quote from Radha Subramanyam — VP/Chief Research and Analytics Officer @ CBS:
“Everyone knows TV works. Everyone knows premium video works. And now we just have more and more ways of proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that it works better than any medium.”

Flashback: The Data-Driven Marketing Revolution Will Be Televised

Adoption for addressable TV:
1) Fully using — 15%
Experimenting or not using — 85%

Adoption for advanced TV:
Fully using — 17%
Experimenting or not using — 83%

Huge opportunity: 83–85% of advertisers have not yet integrated either addressable TV or advanced TV into their ad plans.

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