Streaming TV Growing Faster Than Anticipated, Analysts Eye 25% Of Marketplace In Next Five Years

Streaming pay-TV subscribers by year according to UBS:
2022–24M (25% of all pay-TV)

Streaming pay-TV subscribers w/ traditional pay-TV subscription:
1) Jul-2016–93%
2) Nov-2016–89%
3) May-2017–71%
4) Nov-2017–69%
5) Apr-2018–61%

Flashback #1: Over-the-top-only U.S. households nearly tripled since 2013, impacting TV ad dollars

Quick math:
1) 820M connected TV devices
2) 120M TV homes in the U.S.
3) 6.9 connected video devices per home

Flashback #2: Ad-Supported OTT Isn’t A Fad, It’s TheFuture

More consumers watch their favorite shows through an online source than through a broadcast/cable source.

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1.9B users watch 180M hours of video content every day on YouTube!

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