Majority Of Ad Execs Plan Converged TV/Video, But Buy It Separately

Big news: 53% of agencies/brands now plan TV and digital video as one “holistic” medium.

Cross screen planning/buying for agencies/brands:
Plan TV and digital video together — 53%
Buy TV and digital video together — 40%

Reminder: The three big innovations in video advertising:
1) Cross screen measurement
2) Cross screen planning/buying
3) Audience buying

Change in advertiser perception regarding video ad quality:
1) Publisher — ↑ 5%
2) TV — ↑ 4%
3) Video platforms — ↓ 2%
4) Social — ↓ 8%

63% of advertisers are currently looking for a cross screen solution.
Flashback #1: First Annual TV & Video Advertising Survey
85% believe that not adopting cross screen planning/buying will be detrimental to their overall marketing efforts!

63% will increase spend on cross screen platforms

Key findings on the use of cross screen data:
1) 71% say TV strategy influences digital strategy
2) 66% leverage digital data for TV buying
3) 61% leverage TV data for digital buying
4) 57% target TV viewers with digital ads

Flashback #2: More Advertisers Using Video In Digital Campaigns
40% of ad budgets are going to cross screen video buys.

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