Down with viewability: MRC chief says it’s time to move past ‘marketplace fixation’

Only 3% of respondents to a CMO Council survey thought that the current viewability standard goes far enough.

What is the MRC standard for viewability? 50% of video ad should be in view for at least 2 consecutive seconds.

Flashback #1: Half of Marketers Want Stricter Viewability Standards

74% of publishers have adopted the MRCs viewability standard, but 28% of brands and agencies are currently using their own viewability standard.

Why does this matter? As advertisers demand higher quality video views publishers are responding with improved inventory.

Flashback #2: Brands With Their Own Viewability Standards Are Causing Headaches for the Ad-Tech Industry

New IBM standard — 100% of video ad must be in view for at least half of the video length (Ex: 15s of 30s ad)

What is a better measure than viewability? Business outcomes. This is why both NBC and ABC made big announcements last week around advanced TV.

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