Disney Unveils New Streaming Services, to End Netflix Deal

Big news. Disney announced two new streaming services:
1) ESPN — Direct to consumer offering launching in 2018
2) Disney — Focused on Disney content and set to launch in 2019

Disney also announced plans to start pulling content from Netflix.

Great graphic posted by Terence Kawaja‏ from the infamous Lumascape.

Another big announcement was Disney acquiring an additional 42% of BAMTech for $1.58b bringing their total ownership stake to 75%.

What is BAMTech? BAMTech is a spinoff from MLBAM (Major League Baseball Advanced Media) that powers the video streaming for several major sports leagues.

BAMTech has only been a separate company since August 2015 and is already valued at $3.75b!

A few of the leagues that BAMTech powers streaming for:
1) Major League Baseball
2) National Hockey League
3) Major League Soccer
4) Grand Slam Tennis

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