The ad industry feels like Silicon Valley is killing creativity

The ad industry knows that they need shorter creative (6s, etc.), but isstruggling with storytelling in a compressed environment.

A few challenges:
1) Connecting w/ consumers — 
Creative executives worry that 6s is not enough time to connect with customers in a similar way to the 30sallotted in most TV spots.
2) Pricing for creative — Fixed costs for creating both formats is very similar. Will brands expect to pay less?
3) Pricing for ad spots — Do these spots cost 1/5 less to run? For example, if a 30s spot has a CPM of $25 does the 5s cost $5?

Quote from Jason Sperling — SVP, Chief Creative Development @ RPA.
“actors haven’t gotten cheaper. Production costs haven’t gone away.”

Quote from David Campanelli — SVP, Director of National TV @ Horizon Media.
“We know that most of the time the 15-second ad is less effective than 30. Not usually half as effective, but less effective,”

A good example of a 6s ad currently being tested by Acura:

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