Inside The Weeknd’s $92 Million Year — And The New Streaming Economy Behind It

Streaming is now the dominant platform for music consumption.

Usage up 76% year over year per Nielsen.

Streaming revenue for Forbes Celebrity 100 up 119%:
1) 2015 — $177m
2) 2016 — $387m

Musicians make just under $0.01 per stream.

14 artists from the Celebrity 100 generated 1b+ streams in 2016.

Awareness from streams leads to more $ from touring. The Weekend parlayed 5.5b streams into a $75m tour advance.

Streaming subscribers by platform:
1) Spotify — 140m (+40m YoY)
2) Apple — 27m (+7m YoY)

More Spotify numbers:
1) 50m paying subscribers (36% conversion rate)
2) $3.3b in revenue
3) $500m in profit

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