20% Of Broadband HHs Use Digital Antenna

Interesting findings for cord shavers/cutters:
1) 50%
say service “not worth the cost”
2) 17% would have stayed if they were not forced to pay for set-top-box

Flashback #1: Broadcast-only TV households up 41% since 2012, study says

Median age:
1) Broadcast TV Only: 34.5
2) All TV HH: 39.6

Flashback #2: Millennials Unearth an Amazing Hack to Get Free TV: the Antenna

29% of Americans are unaware that local broadcast TV is free!

Amazing back and forth from a 2013 congressional hearing:
In 2013, during a congressional hearing about the satellite-television industry, the discussion turned to a contract dispute that temporarily left Time Warner Cable subscribers unable to watch CBS.

Broadcasters. “I just want to emphasize that broadcast is of National Association the of “Can I make one point?” said Gerard Waldron, an attorney who testified on behalf a free, over the air service. So during the so-called blackout, the service was available 100% of the time. I realize that some people might not have antennas, or some people might have reception problems, but I do want to emphasize…”

“So I could have seen CBS if I had rabbit ears?” Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-Calif.) interjected. “I don’t think people knew that.”

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