Here’s Why Skinny TV is Still an Experiment for Companies

Skinny bundles are the rage. One way to look at this is that 5 new national cable providers have launched in the past 2 years with a starting price under$40 compared to an average cable bill of $103.

Basic package cost by streaming cable provider:
Hulu Live — $40
DirecTV Now — $35
Sling TV — $20
PlayStation Vue — $40
YouTube TV — $35

Fox News has the highest prime time ratings on cable (2.5m) and costs the average cable subscriber $1.55/month. ESPN averages 1.9m in primetime and costs $7.86. The average cable subscriber pays 5X more per month for a channel that they are 30% less likely to watch.

What happens when the cable news channels start asking for highly monthly fees based on their increased ratings?

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