Fox News Plans to Launch Fox Nation Streaming Service

Fox News Channel is preparing to launch a standalone streaming service called Fox Nation.

Fox Nation will not contain the same content from the standard Fox News broadcast due to contracts with pay-TV providers. Rather it will be an extension targeting super fans.

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Monster revenue. Fox News generates $1B+ in annual profit.

% of revenue by source:
1) Pay-TV subscription — 64%
2) Advertising — 36%

The average age of cable TV news viewers:
1) Fox News — 65
2) MSNBC — 65
3) CNN — 60

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Fox News has the highest primetime ratings on cable (2.5m) and costs the average cable subscriber $1.55/month. ESPN averages 1.9m in primetime and costs $7.86. The average cable subscriber pays 5X more per month for a channel that they are 30% less likely to watch.

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