Are Viewers Warming To Streaming Sports?

Turner Sports saw a 126% increase in streaming viewership for the National League Division Series.

Amazon accounted for 3% of total viewership during its first NFL game.

The NFL is reportedly going to end Verizon’s exclusive on mobile streaming. This arrangement has held back streaming growth for the NFL since only customers of Verizon could stream games on their phone.

Previously on SOTS, we looked at streaming numbers for Game of Thronescompared to the Super Bowl.

Total Viewers:
1) Super Bowl: 113m (7X)
2) Game of Thrones: 16m

1) Super Bowl: 111m (11X)
2) Game of Thrones: 10m

1) Super Bowl: 1.7m
2) Game of Thrones: 6m (3.5X)

Share from Streaming:
1) Super Bowl: 2%
2) Game of Thrones: 37%

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