90% of SVOD Viewing Is On the TV Set, Reports Nielsen. Only 20% of Viewing is Original Content

Some interesting findings from Nielsen on how streaming content is viewed.

What is SVOD? Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD) is a subscription service that provides the consumer with a bundle of programs/channels that they can watch on demand. Think Netflix or Amazon Prime.

50% of U.S. homes now subscribe to at least one SVOD service.

Key findings on time spent:
1) 90% on a TV
2) 10% on mobile/tablet/desktop
3) 80% on older titles (back catalog)
4) 20% on original content (House of Cards, etc.)

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% of Netflix subscribers who also subscribe to Amazon/Hulu:
1) 2014: 10%
2) 2017: 21%

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