Ad-Supported OTT Isn’t A Fad, It’s The Future

Roku had 6.7b hours of streaming during the first half of 2017 and 47% of those hours were ad supported.

Flashback. Streaming TV Viewers Complete 98% of All Video Ads, According to New Study

The big shift. The best place to watch TV is still on an actual TV, but how the content/ads are delivered is evolving.

More consumers watch their favorite shows through an online source than through a broadcast/cable source.

The pay-TV landscape grew 0.6% in Q3, but that was led by growth in streaming subscribers.

Subscriber growth in Q3:
Traditional pay-TV — ↓ 872k
2) Streaming pay-TV — ↑ 962k

10 of the 12 providers below lost subscribers.

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