Lotame & Inscape Join Forces to Elevate Ad-Buying, Targeting & Measurement

Buying video advertising for TV and digital together is about to get a whole lot easier with last week’s announcement between Lotame and Inscape.

This opens up new opportunities such as:
1) Digital data for TV targeting — Think TV ratings based on in-store visits or shopping cart data.

2) TV data for digital targeting — Think digital audiences based on past TV viewership.

Who is Inscape? Inscape offers second-by-second TV viewership data collected from 8m TVs in the U.S. They are owned by Vizio.

How do they collect data? The data is collected through a technology known as Audio Content Recognition (ACR).

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What is ACR? Audio Content Recognition (ACR) is a technology that identifies the content that is playing (TV show, etc.) based on what it hears. It is alternative to collecting viewership through panels (Nielsen, etc.) and/or set-top box data (ComScore, etc.).

Does this mean that my smart TV is listening? Yes, but so is your smartphone, tablet, and Alexa.

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Key findings on use of cross screen data:
1) 71% say TV strategy influences digital strategy
2) 66% leverage digital data for TV buying
3) 61% leverage TV data for digital buying
4) 57% target TV viewers with digital ads

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