Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, Charter Set Rate Hikes for 2018

Most of the major pay-TV providers are all set to raise prices in 2018.

Average % increase in pay-TV prices YoY:
1) Charter: ↑ 6–8%
DirecTV: ↑ 3–7%
Dish Network: ↑ 3–7%
4) Cox: ↑ 3–6%
5) Comcast: ↑ 2–3%

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Why is this happening? 872K U.S. households dropped pay-TV in Q3–2017 alone which amounts to a 3% drop in the subscriber base. The networks are also raising the price that they charge the pay-TV providers to carry their channels.

Remember broadband. The majority of profit for Pay TV providers comes from selling broadband rather than the actual pay-TV service.

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2) The Average Cable TV Bill is Set to Exceed $140 by 2020

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